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And then, dah dah dah: nothing.

How to: Win the Heart of a Gay Libra

Did you get my message? Nothing, nothing. Libra boy drops by with a bottle of crazy expensive wine, then watches the whole season of OITNB with you in one sitting. Somehow you end up offering to pick her up for every date and driving her to school and to the grocery store and throwing her laundry in with yours. On date three, Boo was still talking about going back to school. On date four, you started to get the idea Boo really liked talking.

The Libra man: Love, Sex, Friendship, Style

Whether you mind the lack of productivity is another matter. Sure , says Boo, shrugging. She pretends to like your high school friends. She shows up for each rehearsal of your folk-punk band, cheering and clapping when you sing.

She always wants to see you. Then, without warning, she stops responding to your messages. No sweat. Hey, you doing okay?

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I just heard. But somehow you know that shouting and other excesses of unpleasantness are unlikely to go over well. Libra Boy met another bae and kicked your booty to the curb. Give up now, because the number one relationship rule about Libras is that they always win.

Nope it was not me because the guys he was with during our nearly 2 year split were all cheated on. On top of the during our separation I dated a guy for a month and he actually accused me of cheating but remember we weren't together and he was still on grinder during that time. I've been in love with a few cancers and I wish I haven't cause they are very shady and cheaters I am sorry maybe not all are but the 3 I went out with were and always sad or mad about something and won't tell you whathat it is.

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In love with a gemini. Hey ppls, im in love with a gemini and so is he with me. We have been together for over a year, and we do get along well for the most part.

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  • It took us some time to get to know each other, but we are taking things in stride. As long as i tell him how i feel about things and he communicates good with me, we seem to avert alot of what would be friction in our relationship! Well hello bitches.

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    I am a libra and I agree with this, to an extent. This is just your sun sign. If you want a more accurate explanation, definitely, look into getting your natal chart done. My Mercury and Pluto are in Scorpio. However, Sun Sign astrology is very Libra's get a natal chart. However, being a Libra sun is amazing.

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